• Mobile Apps for Schools

  • Our school mobile apps make parents feel more in control and free up school office administration.

    By providing the latest information to parents' fingertips, our school mobile apps make lost notes and misinformation a thing of the past. The clear and timely sharing of information between schools and their families is vital for efficient education. By improving school-to-parent communication, our mobile apps have a host of benefits for both parties.

  • Key Benefits of School Apps

  • Instant Messages (Push Notifications)

    Send out time sensitive updates or remind parents of an upcoming event or meeting directly to their smartphones. Whatever the reason, parents love staying connected and informed about the school and their kids. 

  • Send Absentee Notes On The Go, Hassle-Free

    Sick notes can be handled through our school apps, preventing their disappearance in transit. It also gives the school office valuable time lost previously to paperwork.

  • Publish School Newsletters, Calendars and More

    Our school apps publish school Newsletters, Calendars, Lunch Menus and School Directories that can be read by parents, whether they are by the school gate or at their child's after-school activities. This convenience not only increases readership and engagement but also reduces a school's carbon footprint.

  • Locate Outside School Activities and Events

    We help parents know where activities or events are being held outside of school. Our apps use GPS maps to pinpoint all venues used by the school, avoiding the sight of lost, stressed parents on their way to a school event.

  • Integration of Social Media Networks

    This is an optional feature for schools that is convenient and efficient, promoting the schools' social media networks to parents.

  • Secure and Easy to Access

    Our apps are native apps that are installed on parents' smartphones. As well as being a format parents feel comfortable using, native apps provide greater security and quicker access to information.

    • There are  a lot of possibilities, here, and mobile apps make it happen.

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